Listening music is of great importance to your mental health as well as way of learning. Today there is less and less people just listening music. There is always sometnig with it- usualy video content.

We can listen to music in an active or pasive way.

Pasive way represents example of background music going on parallel with our activities. Nice way is to use music as a tool for relaxing. Pick some playlist with easy going classical music and listen to it before you sleep.

It is not easy to find proper one at once. Maybe you will have to research. I recomend Eric Satie and like to quote him :

‘When I was young, people used to say to me: Wait until you’re 50, you’ll see. I am 50. I haven’t seen anything.’

– Satie (1920)

Don’t play too loud – just inough that you can hear clearly if you want.

If you use it during your day activities it can give you another dimension to everything you do.

For active listening – depends what you need it for. Usualy musicians don’h have time to enjoy and listen to the stuff they like. There is always sometnihg to do – getting new tunes, checking old material… playing

Get more time to simply   enjoy the music you like.

There is music for all kinds of occasions. Every moment of your life could be filled with apopriate music.

In africa they didn’t have music as an independent form of art. It was always part of some happening. It was part of their life. Did you know that certain african bush tribe could walk 30 km for a day in the search for food in the heat by playing the rhythm and walking? Incredible strength we could find there.

Find new music for the beguining. We bound our emotional life for it. Everybody remembers the song when they fell in love first time etc…Someone remembers music from the funeral…

Bound your beautifull  feelings with the new composition  you are goin to enjoy. So next time you listen to it – it can save your day, especialy if you had a bad time.