It’s like a sport. If you don’t play for a while, first thing you miss is that constant flow what you need for being inside the music. Guitar is like many other instruments hard to work on timing imediately. First you have to do the theory, technique, repertoire… and luckily you worked on timing paralel with those things, but usualy that’s not inough.

The best thing to realize that is to play drums or percussion as a warm up, so once you have the groove inside / get your guitar and play with that feeling. Difference is so obvious that you will have no doubt that guitar is just a expression tool in your hands.

Metronome helps a lot, backing tracks too, but nothing can replace intraction with ¬†live players. Still, it’s necessary to practice each of that.

  1. Use tempo between 40 and 60
    1. Play 1 stroke with the beat, than 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
    2. Spend approximately 2 minutes per pulse. Shift randomly once you are comfortable with it
  2. Choose modes to practice
  3. Or tunes
  4. Listen to music carefully paying attention to all happenings you hear, especially the drums and bass
  5. Try to imitate the timing of your favorite player. Think of that and what would be your goal in that manner