Branko Trijic was born in Belgrade 1975. Started playing at the age of 12 with Balkan Traditional Folklore Ensemble. 2005. Graduated at Conservatorium van Amsterdam – one of the leading European schools for jazz and modern music. Played with numerous artists worldwide. Active with original band Konzilium and Vasil Hadzimanov Band.

Available for recording and coproducing, online cooperation and lessons.


Nothing from June 12, 2021 to July 11, 2021.



Gibson 335, Fender strat, Gretsch g3140, Godin multiac acs slim ,Norman b20 acoustic, Yamaha guitarlele


Yamaha THR10, Fender Bassman 135, Dv mark bad boy ,Dv mark 2×12 cabinet, Marshall 4×10 cabinet


Ibanez ts 808,tc electronic alter egox4, Boss giga delay , Boss super od ,Electro harmonix holy grail, Ernie ball volume pedall, Vox wah custom ,Mxr eq korg pitch black tuner, Boss slicer, Digitech ex 7,oly compresor & booster,boss ds1, ...


On 335 I play Daddario  o.11 jaz/rock set exl 115 On Strat Daddario 0.9 exl 110 On Godin Daddario /  hard tension pro arte ej46 On Gretsch  Elixier strings 0.11 set, Acoustic -Martin strings 0.12 set light tension,